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‘The Bear & The Piano’ (2015) A short promo I created to advertise the publication of my first book ‘The Bear & the Piano’

‘Discover Galicia with The Telegraph’ (2012) A montage of animated title sequences commissioned by The Daily Telegraph for a series of branded Galician travel guides, made in association with Spanish Tourism and featured on telegraph.co.uk I worked very closely with Creative Director and Animator Matt Simmonds over the course of 3 days to create the films. Sound design by Keith Tinman.

‘The Wild Thing’s’ (2012)  This very short and simple animation appears at the end of the theatre production based on ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.
I designed the marketing, set projections and ‘re-imaged’ the characters for the show.

‘Luche Libre (demo)’ (2013)  A quick demo for the animated ‘Luche Libre’ on-line game I designed for the School of Craft website recently.
You can play it yourself here: http://www.schoolofcraft.co.uk/games/lucha-libre/lucha-libre.html

‘Tedx Talk’ (2013)  I was very honoured to be asked to talk at Tedx in Bedford. During the ten minute lecture  I discussed my year long ‘Drawing A Day’ project, why I did it and what it has led on to.

‘Rebecca De Winter. Shy Bride’ (2011) Music video I directed and edited for the delightful Rebecca De Winter .

‘Time-lapse Video: Blend In Brendan’ (2013)  Here I am shown illustrating ‘Blend In Brendan’ for an upcoming children’s book collaboration, with author Chester Travis.

Lines (2012) Heres a great documentary film about my illustration process made by the super talented Will Meighan of ONE99TWO. The film was commissioned by CfBT Education and will be shown in schools. x

‘Time-lapse Video: Window Illustration’ (2011) Shot by Tom B Wild this little film shows me creating one of the window illustrastions that adorned my ‘Drawing A Day’ exhibition in Bedford.